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Just want to commend you on your service. I e-mailed you on Monday the 9th regarding the message on the shirt and you responded within a few hours correcting my order.
I received the shirt in the mail on Saturday which was much sooner than I expected but was delighted because I give it to my dad yesterday for Father's Day and he loved it.

Desiree. , Pomona, CA

You do the best job in the world! I am sooooo glad I found your advertisement in a magazine. I have placed several orders, just for myself, and will NEVER buy from another company. Thanks for being there for all of us!

Deb B. , Riverside, CA

I received the tanks today, and they turned out great. I want to thank you so much for your quick response and delivery. I am very pleased with the customer service that I have received from your company, and will be more than happy to refer you to other people of interest.

Kristen T. , Atlanta, GA

Hi! I am just writing to thank you for the recent order I placed through your website. I saw your ad in Star magazine a few months ago and finally placed an order for the PLAYGROUND set. I received the set last week and I am very impressed! The set looks fantastic!

Bethany R. , Gales Ferry, CT

Wow - that was fast. Thank you for the information and the quick response!

Jennifer N. , Sacramento, CA

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Due to the excellent customer service that I have received, I will not hesitate in the future to do business with you all. Thanks again.

Ashley F. , Houston, TX

I got my Justin Morneau shirts today - just in time for the White Sox game!!! Thank you - they are awesome! You should promote on your site in the female shirts that you can make sports jerseys - there are very little options out there for women to wear their favorite player's numbers!

Jordan P. , San Diego, CA

You redid an order that I made a mistake on, no cost to us, and it was just as we wanted. This is totally awesome. You are a great company to be so responsive to your customers.

Sharon S. Bloomington, IN

Thank you for taking care of me. I appreciate your understanding the situation and taking care of it. Have a great week.

JoAnn G. , Jacksonville, FL

Great , thank you The t-shirts look good. I'm really happy with them, and will recommend your business to other pet sitters.

Steven V. , Kansas City, MO

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! It's just a tee shirt, but it's something I really needed for this trip. I appreciate your help.

Felecity C. , Akron, OH

Hello. I received the prouduct I ordered from you and I am VERY impressed with the quality for the price. I will definitely recommend you in the future.

Kaite E. , Phoenix, AZ

Thank you, Customized World. I look forward to receiving the order, and placing more in the very near future. I am so glad to have found your site. I am having fun designing" myown clothing.

Juli H. , Salt Lake City, UT

I really appreciate you taking care of my return. You can count on having my business for years to come. I also have quite a few people asking about how to get shirts like the ones that I ordered from you before so needless to say, I will be buying some gifts for them too.

Jodi R. , San Diego, CA

WHAT?!!! NO WAY! Not only did you guys respond today, but I for sure thought you wouldn't do it because it was MY misunderstanding. You guys rock!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! (I'm gonna pick my boyfriend up at the airport wearing that shirt next month)

Ivana B. Tampa, FL

You were extremely helpful and courteous to me even though I was a little upset. It is very important to exercise good customer service even in times of stress and you did just that. Thanks again and have a great day :)

Samiyya M. , Vista, CA

IT WAS JUST DELIVERED. You guys are quick. Thanks so much!

Karinda M. , Chicago, IL

Oh, good...thank you so much! I can't wait to see the shirts. You definitely have a customer for life with me and I will no doubt be referring others to you!! Thanks for everything!

Stacy G. , Du Bois, PA

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service, it was fast and my shirt looks great!!!!! I cannot wait to wear it soon! I will be shopping and ordering from you guys again real soon!

Ann M. , Providence, RI

Wow! Fast service and superior product! I am thrilled and I intend to order again soon - very soon. Thanks so much!!!

Diane G. , St. Louis, MO

I Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday- it was PERFECT!! Thank you so much - and you will definitely be getting more of my business.

Julie F. , Fontana, CA

I got my order. I love it! It fits and looks great.

Natalie S. , Spring, TX

I was very impressed by the quality of both the underwear and the printing! Thank you ! I look forward to using your services again.

Shariess E. , Detroit, MI

Thank you so much for crediting my account for the $ 15.00 FedEx shipping charge. I realize that we are all human and we all make mistakes. I appreciate your quick response to my situation,my e-mail, and for resolving this matter in a very timely manner. Once again, thank you so much.

Steven D. , Woodbridge, VA

I wanted to tell you how satisfied I was with my order. The shirts are thick knit, the lettering was exactly as I ordere it, it arrived in the time promised, and my grandchildren are very happy. Sincerely.

Jacqueline F. , Carencro, LA

Thank you so much for the fast response, I've ordered from you guys before - great stuff, keep it up!

Susan R. , Pelham, NY

I just wanted to thank you for the prompt response to my email and for accepting my return. I will be happy to refer people to your company in the future. Thanks again.

Sydney C. , Los Angeles, CA

I sincerely thank you for both the excellent way you back up your product and your extremely quick response to my inquiry. Thank you again.

Gillian G. , Blue Springs, MO

I wanted to let you know that your customer service is absolutely amazing! I was so exciting that I received my item 10 days before it was supposed to arrive! You did an awesome job with the lettering. Thank You so much for the awesome job you did!!!!!

Kristin H. , Orlando, FL

I just received my order and there is only one way to put it, I love it! Both the items are fantastically done. They look great on and are really comfortable! You have prices you can't beat and super fast shipping.

Alexandria N. , Reading, PA

My many thanks! - Goodness you are quick! Honestly - I am so impressed with your excellent customer service & this company. My congrats to all of you- it is rare to come by such a professional group.

Missy K. , New York, NY

You are FABULOUS & very Polite too- Well Done!

Samantha R. , Boston, MA

I received my order today - Super Fast turnaround and I love the items thank you ever so much! I will certainly be sharing your info with others! Thanks again!

Kristen C. , Wilmington, DE

Thank you so much! And yes I'll definitly love the shirts I've already ordered one from your site and recieved it today. Its perfect and I cant wait for the others to come.

Marin P. , Riverside, CA

Dear Customized World- I absolutely love the shirt that I got. I received it today. Its so awesome. I can't wait to wear it out. It's a very nice quality of shirt and the printing is done so nicely.

Elizabeth Y. , Reno, NV

I love you guys!!!! I have ordered things numerous times off your website and the customer service is great. The quality of clothes is great too. I have washed the clothes numerous times and it still looks amazing. Thanks for the great service and quality.

Arlana M. , Niagara Falls, NY